Well Flow Testing

Well Flow Test (Gallons per Minute): $200.00


A well functionality test (or well yield test) is a test that is conducted to determine whether there is an adequate flow of water from a private well.

A well flow test will help determine if there is a problem with the well or its associated equipment, such as the pump and storage tank that requires further evaluation or repair by a professional well contractor.

The well flow test consists of running water, usually from an exterior hose bib, for a period of approximately an hour. During this time period the flow rate (gallons per minute) and the pressure of the water from the well will be monitored for any unusual fluctuation or abnormalities which may indicate a problem with the well, pump or other associated equipment.

The well flow test does not guaranty or warrantee the well, or the condition of the well or related components. It is intended to determine the condition present at the time of the inspection and testing. All wells vary in performance and are affected by underground aquifer conditions, equipment, weather and climate conditions. Seasonal variations are not uncommon and can affect the ability of the well to produce water, especially in a drought period.

Well water flow is measured directly at the well tank or a faucet as close as possible to the tank. Flow is reported in gallons per minute (GPM) and pressure in pounds per square inch (PSI). Flow is measured with a calibrated flow meter. When the test is conducted at a faucet other than at the well tank, results may be lower than the actual well flow. Water flows through piping and valves between the well tank and faucet that create a pressure drop. This reduces the measured flow rate at the test faucet. If water flows through a water treatment system or filter, additional pressure drops are present. We try to measure flow directly at the well tank. This information is provided to make you aware of the accuracy of this test.